Monday, October 26, 2015

Confession #1: Yes, I am a rookie...

Last year, in the final year of my undergraduate degree, was the first time I had really been exposed to the idea of blogging. As a part of a class assignment I began to follow other teacher bloggers. I was also expected to compose a few of my very own blog posts. Though I enjoyed reading the blogs of others, I was very intimidated by the idea of publishing my thoughts for the world to read. In fact, in my first blog post I even wrote about my apprehensiveness:

As I sat down to create this (first ever) blog, I have to admit I was intimidated. I was apprehensive to share my thoughts online. Would others actually read what I had to say? Would they like what I had to say?

Though I was hesitant to initially voice my ideas, I did end up enjoying the process. I found blogging to be a great way to benefit my learning as I wrote about lecture content relevant to my future profession. It helped me consolidate my learning so I would write my papers or exams with ease. But this blog ended up being only three posts - three posts that spoke about what I was learning about in class - three posts that didn't really voice an opinion or take risks - three posts that were written for my professor, not for myself. Thus, I did not get the real blogging experience.

In turn, I would definitely consider myself a rookie to the blogging world.

So why have I started this blog you ask? I have only recently begun to appreciate the power of words and writing. About a month and half ago I lost my grandmother, or Nana as I called her. I am very fortunate to have spent many years with all of my grandparents, but this was the first grandparent I had ever lost, so it hit me pretty hard. I didn't eat or sleep for several days. I tossed and turned in my bed feeling very uneasy night after night until I decided to write a eulogy. I have never been much of a writer but writing a eulogy for my dear Nana's funeral brought me a great amount of comfort. Though I did and still do miss her with each day, there was a sense of ease I had after writing and delivering my short speech. 

The comfort I felt after having put my thoughts on to paper was also felt in others around me which I did not expect. People who never knew my Nana told me they understood her grandmotherly nature and those who knew her well, felt as if they knew her in a different way. I learned that my words not only did something positive for myself, but also for others - and that is why I have begun to blog. Though the thought of others reading and disliking what I have to say does still slightly intimidate me, there are great benefits to putting this fear behind me and stepping outside of my comfort zone. Putting your thoughts into words can challenge both yourself and others to think in new ways. Though not everyone may like what I have to say, with every post will be a learning experience. 

As I have read many other teacher blogs I have learned so much - blogs are truly a great resource for any educator. Though I may not be a teacher, I hope that sharing my experiences as a teacher candidate will help other aspiring teachers, teacher candidates, and members of the educational community in some way. I would love to hear your thoughts on my posts (whatever they may consist of) so we can help each other learn and grow. 

As an aspiring teacher in the 21st century it is essential I am reflecting on my practice. This is the only way I will better my teaching as well as better the learning for my students. Though I find I am constantly mentally reflecting on my actions in and out of the classroom, I find I am able to reflect on a deeper level by putting those thoughts into words. So what better way to reflect than through blogging? And what better time to start than as a teacher candidate?

Though a part of the concurrent education program, this final year is the first time I will consistently be lesson planning, teaching and truly learning about myself as an educator each and every day. Though my countless assignments, lesson plans, unit outlines and tests in Teacher's College seem overwhelming at times, I would not consider any other profession. I am eager to start my first placement this November and begin this journey. Though I may be a rookie in both the teaching and the blogging worlds, this is a great place to start documenting and learning from my successes and failures. I hope you will join me so we can learn and grow together as I embark on this educational expedition.

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  1. Welcome to the blogging world! I cannot wait to hear about your experience as a teacher candidate and collaborate with you!